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XQual delivers XStudio, a leading test management/ALM solution that handles the complete life-cycle of your projects. XStudio includes modules to manage releases, requirements/specifications, tests and bugs. It allows scheduling/running fully automated or manual test campaigns and comes with an integrated bug-tracking database but can also integrate with Jira, Mantis, Bugzilla or TRAC. XStudio also provides outstanding tools to measure testing execution progress, coverage (i.e. traceability matrix), SUT’s quality as well as the performances of the developers and testers.

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test management, defect tracking, requirement testing, qa



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XQual - Test Management software, modular and open ALM solution for complete life-cycle of products
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XStudio Tool Scope ALM, Test Management
Application Rights Cloud Service, Commercial, Free Use, Periodic license, User license
Since 2007
Company XQual
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Episode 4: XStudio - In conversation with Eric Gavaldo

XStudio is a complete and enhanced graphical test management solution facilitating a feature rich suite of options to help you manage the complete life-cycle of your products, including but not limited to users, requirements, specifications, documents, projects, test reports and test campaigns and integrated bug-tracking options. XStudio was designed as a test engine that later evolved into a test management solution to handle the complete project lifecycle from start to finish. The GUI harnesses five different modules to handle the data of the project : product module, requirements module, test module, test campaign module and bug tracking module. The uniqueness of XStudio lies in its prioritization of each individual element of the traceability matrix.

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