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Ubertesters, a privately-held company, is a software development and marketing company and the leading provider of a cloud-based, process management tool for mobile applications beta testing to ensure accurate, fast and cost effective mobile testing process that results in high quality, flawless, mobile app.

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11-50 employees
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software quality,Application testing platform, Mobile testers

Ubertesters Platform


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Monitor and manage your mobile beta testing process
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Ubertesters Platform
Ubertesters Tool Scope Cloud Service, Management Tool, Test Management
Application Rights Commercial, Demo, Free Use, Trial
Since 2012
Company Ubertesters
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Tool Review: Ubertesters Platform, session-2

The Ubertesters platform helps to launch and deliver a stable mobile app by helping everyone across the development chain to conduct a more efficient and structured testing process. As we continue the discussion with Ubertesters CEO, Ran Rachlin, we discovered that the platform offers an all-in-one mobile management tool for the complete beta testing campaign. Ubertesters is a mobile application beta testing management software tool that allows mobile development businesses to manage all of their beta testing resources in a single environment.

Tool Review: Ubertesters Platform

Ubertesters is a crowd-based, complete mobile apps testing solution provider that helps organizations test their apps in real life conditions to ensure they launch a well-tested app. The platform is a comprehensive solution that allows build distribution, build management, crash reporting, bug reporting from within the tested app, test cases support, full team management and monitoring, session tracking and bug-tracking-system. In short, it provides 'end-to-end' solution to manage the QA process and teams. Thus, it allows enterprises to manage the complete mobile testing process under a single dashboard and one provider.  

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