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Testsigma Technologies

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Testsigma Technologies


Testsigma is a SaaS, AI-driven test automation software to create, execute and maintain automated tests of Web and Mobile applications faster than ever for continuous testing with a Shift-left approach.

Testsigma lets manual testers to write automated tests using natural language, run tests on thousands of devices available on the cloud and use dynamic locator strategy and intuitive UI for maintenance of automated tests. It is a unified platform for both manual and automated testing with everything(Plan, Design, Develop, Execute, Analyze, Report, Maintain and Extend/Integrate) needed for continuous and regression testing with a Shift-Left approach.

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SaaS, AI-Driven test automation software for Web and Mobile applications to achieve continuous testing with Shift-left approach.
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SaaS, AI-Driven test automation software for Web and Mobile applications Tool Scope Cloud Service, Management Tool, Agile Management, Test Management, Test Automation Framework, Testing Tool, Automate Gui, Test Data Management
Application Rights Commercial, Demo, Software As A Service, Subscription, Trial, User license
Since 2017
Company Testsigma Technologies
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