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Tritusa Pty Ltd


Tritusa Pty Ltd

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Tritusa Pty Ltd


Tritusa Test Labs is an Australian based software test consulting and services company. We help our clients to plan their test investments and manage critical testing processes to reduce the total cost of producing quality software. Nurturing innovation and specialising in automation, we have high-end framework in COTS tools and open source tools, which increases productivity by over 300% and provides cost and test effective solutions to our customers. Our company started with a vision to bring quality to software testing automation. We consult and partner with corporations to provide customized, unique, cost-effective testing solutions employing globally renowned experts and a team of highly passionate and certified testers.

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Software test automation, Test tools training, Performance testing, Test process improvement, Test tools support, Test management, Offshore testing solutions

HP ALM Test Case Export Utility


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HP ALM Test Case Export Utility
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HP ALM Test Case Export Utility
Tritusa Test Labs Tool Scope Cloud Service, Testing Utility
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Since 2016
Company Tritusa Pty Ltd
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