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TestCraft Technologies LTD

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TestCraft Technologies LTD


Selenium Test Automation without Coding for Web Apps TestCraft is a cloud-based Continuous Testing platform that turns manual testing into robust Selenium automation. We bridge the gap between the huge effort companies put into test automation (DevOps) and the fact that more than 50% of business software testing is still done manually.

With TestCraft:

  • Business software manual testers master TestCraft in few hours.
  • Manual testers use TestCraft to generate automated Selenium test scripts in minutes and without coding
  • TestCraft continuously runs new and regression tests at your call, or through your CI/CD framework, and across multiple browsers
  • Automated tests are more resilient and easy to maintain over time and through software changes

TestCraft uniquely connects manual testers to the DevOps chain, boosting the productivity of every member on the test team.

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