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Founded in 1990, T-Plan developed a test management tool for the Bank of England, which ensured that applications of critical importance to the UK and Global economy were developed, tested and launched successfully. Since then T-Plan has continued to work closely with some of the most prestigious institutions in the UK, including Blue-Chip, SMEs, Charities, Defense and Government bodies. We are proud to say that the Bank of England is still our customer.

T-Plan develops and sells 2 main tool sets. 1) Test Case and Process Management Suite, with integrated bug tracking, and 2) Test Automation software - "Test Anything, Anywhere". We believe we have a solution for any environment, and our tools allow both the business unit manager and the IT manager to: Manage Costs, Reduce Business Risk and Regulate the Process.

The T-Plan Product Suite allows you to manage every aspect of the Testing Process, providing a consistent and structured approach to testing at the project and corporate level. Using the T-Plan Product Suite gives management control over the quality of the software by taking into account business risks and priorities. Errors can be detected early thus avoiding costly waste and delay. In addition, the impact of project change can now be fully explored, defined, managed and reported throughout the system development life cycle.

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Adur Business Centre Little High Street Shoreham-by-Sea, 
West Sussex BN43 5EG 
United Kingdom



Test Automation Tool, Test Case Management Tool, Test Anything, Anywhere, Cross-Platform Independence (Java), Mobile Automation, QA Automation, GUI Test Automation, Black Box, iPhone Android, Test Flash/Flex/HTML5, Remote non-invasive testing, Technology Agnostic

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