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SQS Software Quality Systems


SQS Software Quality Systems

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SQS Software Quality Systems


Software Quality Systems. Europe's largest independent specialist software quality consultancy. SQS provide solutions, training, consultancy and resources in the fields of Quality Governance, Software Quality Assurance, Test Management, Process and Application Intelligence. We have expertise in a wide range of sectors and technologies. We have specialisms in test automation, performance testing, agile testing, embedded systems testing, environment management, requirements engineering and many other disciplines.

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Software Quality, Testing Tools, Software Quality Management, Software Test, Software Testing, Managed Services, Managed Testing Services

SQS-TEST Professional


Table Summary
Simplified software testing & project management - from test management to test case design to automation and analysis
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SQS-TEST Professional
SQS Test Professional Tool Scope Management Tool, Test Management
Application Rights Commercial
Since 2010
Company SQS Software Quality Systems
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