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Quality First Software GmbH | QFS

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Quality First Software GmbH | QFS


Quality First Software GmbH (QFS) is a German software company developing the test automation tool QF-Test for Java and Web. QF-Test was the first professional solution for GUI test automation with a Java Swing GUI. Being refined continuously in close customer collaboration, it supports now Java (Swing, JavaFX, Eclipse, SWT, RCP) and Web engines, as well as different platforms (Windows, Unix, Linux, macOS) and browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Edge), and it has a greatly expanded functional range, offering excellent value for money and a high ROI.

The test-software is available and fully documented in English and German.

More on QF-Test: QF-Test demo videos: Free QF-Test evaluation version: Forthcoming QF-Test training dates: QFS is a privately owned company with longstanding expertise in software quality assurance. Founded in 2001 in the south of Munich, it has grown steadily over the years in number of employees, customers and revenue.
Today, QFS and its flagship product QF-Test are well established in the automated software testing market, with over 1,000 customers from more than 50 countries, including global players such as HP, Audi, EADS, Alcatel-Lucent, GE, Siemens, Philips, Allianz, Swiss Re. The motto  'Quality First' is at the core of QFS’ corporate philosophy. With QF-Test the company contributes to improving the quality of their customers’ software – similarly, highest quality standards are applied to QF-Test itself as well as to the quick, friendly and competent handling of incoming queries. Further, QFS is strongly committed to the quality of life and work of their employees and their families, and supports sustainable economics as well as a range of humanitarian initiatives locally and internationally.

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Tulpenstrasse 41 Geretsried,82538 Germany



Automated testing, Functional testing, Load testing, Software testing, Swing, JavaFX, Eclipse, SWT, RCP, Web, HTML5, AJAX, Free evaluation, Test automation, Java

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