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PractiTest is an easy to use end-to-end test management platform, that provides Testing teams with full visibility of their testing projects. The systems includes requirements, tests sets and runs and issues modules at it's core, with granular reporting capabilities to ensure you are in control of your testing status.

Integration exist with leading bug tracking tools such as JIRA, Pivotal Tracker and Bugzilla as well as automation and CI tools such as Selenium, Jenkins, Team City and many more. Another leading service is testing methodology support which allows customer to enhance their testing processes, not only during deployment but throughout time of use.

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QA & Test Case Management for Professional Testing
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Since 2008
Company PractiTest
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Episode 3: Practitest - In conversation with Joel Montvelisky

Practitest originated out of the market requirements for a solution that could not only cover the whole spectrum of requirements, testing issues and integrations, but on the other hand could be a balanced solution between all the functionality and customizability that is provided only with enterprise solutions.
Practitest is a simplified approach to testing, that is easy to work with, and at the same time wouldn't compromise on the functionality.
The theme of Practitest is 'Information Management'. It is focused on helping teams with distributive development & is extensively used in financial and gaming domains.

Practitest Youtube Playlist

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