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Plutora is a pioneer and leading provider of Enterprise Release, Test Environment and Test Case Management software. From Release Planning to Non-Prod Environment Management to Deployments our SaaS solutions help organizations deliver higher quality software more frequently to meet customer demand with no impact on downtime. Spreadsheet approaches to enterprise release and test management just don’t scale. Merging data from disparate sources is so time consuming and labor intensive that IT ends up spending more time on administration than on management. Moreover, spreadsheets offer limited functionality for enterprise release management…no process management, no dependency assessment, no impact analysis and limited static reports.

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Company Size: 
51-200 employees
Privately Held

Contact Representatives

Worldwide Headquarters

Mountain View, California, USA

565 Clyde Ave Suite 610, Mountain View, CA, 94043

Phone: +1 (650) 282-6613


APAC Regional Headquarters

Sydney, Australia

123 Clarence Street Suite 1, Level 4, Sydney, NSW, 2000

Phone: +61 2 8607 8552


EMEA Regional Headquarters

London, UK

Eastside, Kings Cross, London, N1C 4AX

Phone: +44 2030 360824



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