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PassMark® Software Pty Ltd is a privately owned software development group with a head office in Sydney, Australia and a branch office in California, United States. We specialize in the development of high quality performance benchmarking solutions as well as providing expert independent IT consultancy services to clients ranging from government organizations to major IT heavyweights. PassMark Software is a leading authority in software and hardware performance benchmarking and testing. Since our inception in 1998, PassMark Software has developed a comprehensive range of PC benchmark and diagnostic solutions used worldwide by hundreds of thousands of users. We are profitable and have experienced consistent quarterly growth in sales and revenue since the launch of our first product in May 1999. More recently, we've expanded into the field of digital forensics with our premier e-discovery toolset, OSForensics. ( Our sister company, Wrensoft (, has developed a powerful enterprise search engine known as the Zoom Search Engine for use on corporate web sites and CD catalogs. Zoom remains popular with the web community as a cost-effective, high performance solution for adding seamless search functionality to business web sites.

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11-50 employees
Privately Held

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Suite 202, Level 2, 35 Buckingham Street Sydney, NSW 2010 Australia



Software & hardware benchmarking & performance analysis, Web site & document searching software, Digital forensics

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