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MSys Technologies

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MSys Technologies


MSys Technologies is an innovator in offering technology services and domain-specific test automation software (for both desktop and mobile apps). MSys’s unparalleled focus and deep technical expertise ensures the best value in the areas of storage, virtualization, telecommunications, servers, DR/BC, test automation, mobile test automation, etc.

MSys offers its clients enabler products such as evolutionary, end-to-end domain-specific suites for test automation. Driven by the vision to be at the core of the evolution in the industry, MSys strives to be an agent of transformation, bringing positive change to the customers in all of its engagement areas, storage, embedded systems, test automation, telecommunications, etc. For instance, MSys Test Automation Solution (MTAS) is capable of reducing the testing and test automation time and cost by over fifty percent. Major MSys storage engagements have been with some of industry's leading storage service vendors. We have unparalleled expertise in storage due to a team of professionals who exclusively worked on the storage and virtualization domain for the last few years. Big data, cloud, and virtualization are two important areas that MSys engages in besides storage.

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11539 Park Woods Circle, Suite 702, Alpharetta, Atlanta, GA 30005-2413 United States



Storage services, Virtualization, Software quality assurance, testing, test automation, embedded systems, VMware, RIMS, remote infrastructure management services, telecommunications, technical support, training, cloud computing, big data

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