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Kanoah is an innovative company providing ground-breaking solutions to software testing professionals on the Atlassian/Jira platform. 

With Kanoah Tests, QA engineers can design test cases quickly using the method of their choice, and then organize them in accessible test libraries. QA managers can plan feature verification and regression cycles with the ease of drag-and-drop. The clean and intuitive user interface allows the team to execute test plans, to balance workload, and to keep track of time and progress. The reports and dashboard enable managers and team leads to stay in touch with the daily activities of the engineers and the health of the project. 

Kanoah's solution is not just unique in what it offers, but also on the integration level it has with the Atlassian/Jira platform, allowing the QA team to work closely and collaboratively with developers and product managers. 

Kanoah was founded by leading experts in Software Quality Assurance with many years of managing, leading and executing several projects. All their expertise has been transformed into the most intuitive, easy-to-use and practical software solution available in the market today.

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