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We are a team of engineers with more than 13 years of experience in Java and business software development. Back in the 90's, we have embraced the java technology and closely followed the evolutions of java on the server along with the birth of J2EE.

We forged our experience by a software vendor, entirely developing an internal framework based on J2EE and swing on the client. The applications built on this framework are still used and maintained in major transportation companies by thousands of people each day.

Back in 2005, time had come for us to leverage our knowledge and get rid of the past to start from scratch a brand new and inovative framework to develop business, desktop-like, N-tier distributed applications : Jspresso. Jspresso has already been used with a lot of success to develop several professional applications and 2008 is the year when it goes public and opensource.

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Java,Software Development, J2EE, Swing, N-tier, JSpresso, Opensource

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