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AgileLoad is a specialist in the development of innovative software solutions to guarantee the performance of business critical applications. AgileLoad testing tool packs enterprise level features yet is priced for the small to medium enterprise. Those main features are: - Save on Time & Effort: Teach AgileLoad how to deal with complex scripts - you can teach AgileLoad how to parameterise scripts for dynamic data including session ID's VIEWSTATE's etc. so that future captures are automatically parameterised correctly - Find the cause of performance issues quickly: By having a very broad range of performance collectors built in (21 different technologies) all data is brought to one place for analysis. Then using Anomaly detection bottlenecks are quickly identified in the infrastructure. - Communicate results effectively: AgileLoad has enterprise level reporting built in and out of the box. The report templates can be hugely customised to create reports for different stakeholders, e.g. Technical report for a system administrator through to High level report for an IT director.

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1-10 employees
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software quality, performance testing, load testing, software testing, Software testing, automatic testing

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