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Web based Test Management tool.

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TestLink is a web based Test Management tool. The application provides Test specification, Test plans and execution, Reporting, Requirements specification and collaborate with well-known bug trackers. The purpose of TestLink is to answer questions such as: - For which requirements do we still need to write or update test cases? - Which tests do you want me to run for this version? - How much progress have we made on testing this release? - Which test cases are currently failing, and what are the errors? - On which version was this group of test cases last run, and is it time we ran them again? - And ultimately: is this version of the product fit for release?

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TestLink Tool Scope Test Management
Application Rights Demo, Free Use, Opensource
Since 2003
Company Sourceforge
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Cool  TestLink 1.9.3 RELEASED (2011-07-02)

Testlink 1.9.3 is the latest released stable version.
This release does not require an update of the database scheme if you are updating from Testlink 1.9.2.

Few comments I collected from sourceforge users

1. Posted 03/09/2016: I've been using TestLink since 2012 from 4 different companies. Now, I was able to implement the latest version in our team and integrate it to JIRA and Jenkins with our test automation tool SpecFlow - .net Framework. Very reliable process flow for the QA team given that it is an open source. Here's our simple process: Create TestPlan in TestLink with the covered test cases > Link the specs/requirements if needed > Link a JIRA ticket if needed > Configure a job in Jenkins > Run the automated tests > Test execution status for your test plan will be reflected or automatically updated in TestLink > generate a test plan report.

2. Posted 04/29/2014: After 1 year incubating TestLink, we finally implemented it in our QA team (mostly, finding a way to organize our activities now with TestLink) Greatly help QA members to organize testing activities by centralizing of: Criteria, Test evidence and even, monitoring testers activity. Successfully managing 3,000+ test cases by now each with notes, attachments, linked to Bugzilla reported issues etc.

3. Posted 02/25/2014: It made not for a large amount of tests; some repeated looping and pure database design slows down test loading and saving for execution statuses. If you have more than 2000 tests per project, this tool is not for you.

4. Posted 01/03/2014: Good program that does what it says. We have moved all our test cases and projects into the application to monitor and report on our testing. I would recommend it.


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