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NTT Resonant


NTT Resonant

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NTT Resonant


NTT Resonant Inc., operator of the 'goo' Japanese web portal, is a leading provider of some 60 Internet services, including web searches integrated with proprietary services, search engines tailored for mobile devices, images, blogs, etc., SaaS groupware, an online store and numerous categories of online information. NTT Resonant is a member of the NTT Group, which is headed by NTT Corporation, the world's largest telecommunication company with over 750 subsidiaries and 100 affiliates (listings on New York, London and Tokyo stock exchanges).

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software quality, goo, Saas, Cloud based testing, Mobile testing, App Testing Service, TestKit, Mobile Application Testing, Cloud-Lab, Search Engine

Remote TestKit


Table Summary
Remote Testkit of essence for mobile and website development
Last Release Year ['Active'=Current]: 


Remote TestKit
Remote Testkit Tool Scope Cloud Service
Application Rights Cloud Service, Commercial
Since 2003
Company NTT Resonant
Support Tool Support link HERE
Download Download HERE
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