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Rational Integration Tester

Integration testing and application (service) virtualization tool

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IBM Rational Integration Tester formerly known as Green Hat. It is a virtualization tool that works on scripting-free environment and being used for continuous integration in the software lifecycle. It is a part of rational test workbench and also used to create functional and performance tests for service-oriented architecture (SOA) messaging and business process integration projects. It is compatible with a number of enterprise messaging solutions. Tests are conducted by recording system behavior. Rational Integration Tester offers a cost effective test environments which enable customers to test earlier and frequently throughout the development lifecycle.

With each purchase of the Code Templates, you will receive a Readme.doc file that provides instructions on how to unzip/import/and share. (Note that this is simple XML file Import/Export process.

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Rational Integration Tester
Integration Tester Tool Scope Testing Tool
Application Rights Commercial, Floating license
Since 2012
Company IBM Rational
Support Tool Support link HERE
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Rational Integration Tester
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