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AppPerfect Corp. is a software development company located in Cupertino, CA. AppPerfect was started in 2003 to meet the growing needs of software professionals; looking for robust and cost-effective software development, testing and monitoring software. AppPerfect software products are designed to help Web application and Java developers and testers improve the quality, reliability, availability, scalability and performance of their Web applications. AppPerfect develops, markets and supports a comprehensive set of testing and monitoring products. AppPerfect products are used to analyze, test, tune and monitor Web/Windows applications.

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11-50 employees
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Java Testing, Unit Testing, Web Testing, Load Testing, Monitoring Software, Monitoring Services, Software Testing, QA Tools, Functional Testing, Outsource Software, Web Load Testing, Application Testing, Java code Analysis, Java Profiling, Java Testing
Title Testing Objectives Since Price Quotes Ping
Java Code Test Code Analysis, Code Coverage testing, Code Review, Code Tracability, Coding Standards verfication, Static Code Analysis, Java testing 2,003 April 2015: Desktop license = $299, April 2015: Floating license = $399, April 2015: Annual Maintainence = $99 2016
AppPerfect Web Test Desktop testing, Mobile Testing, Web testing, Cross-Browser testing 2,003 Dec 2014: Desktop License = $299, Dec 2014: Floating License = $399 Active
App Test Desktop testing, Java testing, Mobile Testing 2,003 2016
AppPerfect LoadTest Java testing, Stress Testing, Performance Analysis, Web testing 2,003 Feb 2015 : Desktop licence : $299/ 25 VU, Feb 2015 : Floating Licence : $399/ 25 VU, Feb 2015: Additional Virtual Users : $1/ VU Active
Java Unit Test API testing, Code Coverage testing, Code Tracability, Java testing 2,003 October 2014 - Desktop License - $299, October 2014 - Floating License - $399, October 2014 - Annual Maintenance - $99 Active
AppPerfect Test Manager Test Cases Statistics, Application Life Cycle Tracking 2,003 Active

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