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Zeenyx Software, Inc.


Zeenyx Software, Inc.

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Zeenyx Software, Inc.


Zeenyx is committed to providing a testing solution where users build robust manual and automated tests from reusable components that are created without recording or scripting. It's time to retire the old keyword-driven testing paradigm with its messy layers of spreadsheets. We've come up with an innovative approach to building software tests from re-usable steps that does not rely on recording or scripting. By interacting with graphical representations called snapshots, users build steps by dragging and dropping objects in a visual test editor. Actions and data objects are automatically generated. All the user has to do is provide the test data. Re-usable steps can be combined to form a multitude of manual and automated tests that are easy to create and maintain.

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23 College Street Hopkinton, MA01748 United States



Automated Testing Solutions, Manual Testing Solutions, Test Management, Test Planning
Title Testing Objectives Since Price Quotes Ping
AscentialTest Application Life Cycle Tracking, Test Cases Statistics 2,006 Call Manufacturer for details Active
UA Studio Desktop testing, Object Based Testing, Web testing, Cross-Browser testing 2,006 Waiting for Input Active

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