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Distributed testing


Distributed testing

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Title Testing Objectives Since Price Quotes Ping
Parasoft SOAtest API testing, Banking Process validation, DataBase testing, Interoperability testing, Stress Testing, Message testing, Performance Analysis, Protocol Testing, Security Testing, SOA testing, Web Monitoring, Web testing, Cross-Browser testing 2,002 Call manufacturer for more details Active
Ranorex Integrated Test Automation Tools Mobile Testing, Web testing, Cross-Browser testing, Java testing, Desktop testing 2,007 November 2015 : Ranorex Runtime Shared License € 690, November 2015 : Ranorex Premium Node-Locked License: € 1990, November 2015 : Ranorex Premium Floating License: € 3490 Active
TestingWhiz DataBase testing, Desktop testing, Object Based Testing, Mobile Testing, Web testing, Cross-Browser testing 2,011 September 2014 - Free use on sourceforge Active
TestComplete Desktop testing, Web testing, Cross-Browser testing 1,999 Nov 2015 : Node-locked License - $1,000, Nov 2015 : Floating User License - $2,500, Nov 2015 : Test Execute - $499 Active
QF-Test Desktop testing, Image Comparison, Java testing, Load Capabilities, Performance Analysis, SAP Testing, Test Cases Statistics, Test Design, Web testing, Cross-Browser testing 2,001 Developer license (Test creation and execution): One GUI-technology included. 1,995 €, GUI-technology extensions: Purchase now or later on demand. 500 €, Maintenance (obligatory for initial license purchase): All Upgrades + support for 1 year with one GUI-technology. 480 €, Runtime license (Test execution): Substantial volume discounts for load testing. 995 € Active
OpKey Desktop testing, Mobile Testing, Server testing, SOA testing, Web testing, Cross-Browser testing 2,006 2016: Cloud-free - free, 2016: Cloud-Lite - $50/month Active
Maveryx Desktop testing, Java testing, Test Cases Statistics 2,010 Community Edition: Unlimited free trial, Maveryx Basic Subscription: 940 €per year, Maveryx Business Subscription: 1640 € per year, Contact Manufacturer for more details Active
StresStimulus SAP Testing, Mobile Testing, Network testing, Performance Analysis, Web testing, Cross-Browser testing, Test Cases Statistics, Server testing, DataBase testing, Load Capabilities, Stress Testing, Java testing 2,006 September 2015: Free version is available, September 2015: 250 VUs, Pro Edition, Permanent license - $870, September 2015: 10,000 VUs, Ent. Edition, weekly pass - $2,130 Active
MTAS API testing, Desktop testing, Mobile Testing, Network testing, Web testing, Cross-Browser testing 2,011 Active

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