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Articles and Reviews on Testing Tools

321 Articles are now in archive
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Ranorex 5.2.2 Release (January 12, 2015)

01-12-2015 - Ranorex 5.2.2 Release (January 12, 2015)
General changes/Features -Added support for Firefox 35


  • Fixed DeviceOrientation attribute of iOS MobileApp elements to always return a correct value
  • Fixed issue that caused instrumented iOS apps to call tableView:cellForRowAtIndexpath: although the table was empty (zero sections)
  • Fixed Swipe action on iOS to work correctly on nested controls
  • Ranorex
Post date: 15-01-21

Smart Testers List of Testing Tools - Part 2

This is the second part of Amit's tools he was experiencing during his work. This great list shows tools that can help any tester to succeed in his/hers quest.
Good tester is the one that know, not only to activate the testing machine or application, also has strong ability to know and learn how to use wide range of tools that will help him/her to analyze the SUT and summarize in the correct manner.
After going through the tools in this list, QA doesn't seem so simple any more.

Thank you Amit for great information. 

Post date: 14-12-09

Introducing Ranorex 5.2

Post date: 14-11-26

Rise of Embedded Systems, Internet of Things

Development and testing are entering a new phase. Applications are no longer confined to traditional endpoints such as PCs and mainframes or even newer mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Software is making its way into many embedded systems and appliances that are coming together as part of the Internet of Things. Vetting code for defects via a QA management platform will be vital to capitalizing on the IoT's considerable potential for consumers and businesses.

Post date: 14-11-20

Inflectra, testing tools update

Post date: 14-11-08

Smart Testers List of Testing Tools

A compilation of testing tools suitable for developers, project planners and Testers, created by Amit Agnihotri. This compendium includes UI Prototyping/ Designing & Security Testing Tools. Some of the tools are fairly new, some you probably know and use.

We would appreciate comments & suggestions. If you have a hands-on experience of any of the tools, please comment and share your experience.

Post date: 14-11-05

Sahi Pro V6.0.0 Released

Post date: 14-10-27

Version 4.0.1 - August 28, 2014

Post date: 14-09-27

Mobile testing with Espresso, Google testing tool.

Running tests on real Android devices is highly time consuming and expensive due to the large number and variety of such devices. A solution is to execute tests on an emulator, a controllable environment supporting multiple OS versions, screen sizes and memory constraints. This approach would catch most code bugs, the rest of them being left to real device testing and human testers.

Post date: 14-09-14

Pursue Agile Continuous Deployment

Since it first burst on the software development scene, agile has quickly surpassed waterfall as the go-to method for creating, testing and releasing products. Many organizations have credited a switch to agile for reducing the amount of time and resources needed to complete a development cycle. In addition, the concept of continuous deployment which lies at the heart of agile methods often allows businesses to release more engaging products that better meet the demands of end users. This is because agile developers are continually looking to incorporate feedback from consumers, employees and upper management. 

  • Agile
Post date: 14-09-12

OpKey - The Tool Agnostic Test Automation Platform

OpKey is a Tool agnostic test automation platform which provides a complete end to end functional test automation solution. It Integrates with most popular open source and commercial tools like Selenium,QTP,RFT for Web and Appium,Robotium for mobile and Sikuli as an Image based Solution. It allows a GUI Based Code-less methodology to write test automation scripts and gives you a seamless way of writing test automation scripts for Web, mobile and web services

Post date: 14-09-12

Summary & Bibliography

New Issue

Post date: 14-08-21

Section 2. It May be Agile!

Rapid Application Development (RAD) was championed by James Martin in his book of the same name in 1991, although the process had been around for some time before that. RAD is an iterative and incremental method which relies heavily on prototyping in order to obtain feedback from stakeholders. However, this requires early development of the GUI which can produce wasteful discarded versions and de-emphasize underlying functionality. 

  • Features as variables in DSDM Atern
Post date: 14-08-21

Section 1. Yes, it is Agile!

Scrum's greatest strength is also its greatest weakness. With specifically described roles, short iterations, tight schedules, daily meetings and an insistence on a release-quality product after each iteration (or sprint in Scrum terms), Scrum can seem so very foreign to inexperienced teams that it can be difficult to achieve early success unless you have some in-house knowledge.

  • Typical burndown chart
Post date: 14-08-21

Introduction to Agile Software Development Methods

With all the Agile methods out there, how does someone with traditional waterfall or v-model experience begin to understand each? Which methods are truly Agile and which are not? What are the defining characteristics of each Agile method, as well as those not quite so Agile? What are the benefits of using eachAgile method and what are some of the drawbacks? This article attempts to answer these questions in a concise and simple way and offer a launch pad for those who would like to know more.

  • The iterative approach over the traditional approach
Post date: 14-08-21

xstudio 2.0sp10 released

Post date: 14-05-23

XStudio - Is it Really Free ?

XStudio provides complete life cycle testing of software. 
It is a versatile test management software solution which is usable with any test. 
XStudio makes it easy for management of requirements, specification, test reports, test campaigns trivial and are less costly to maintain.

Post date: 14-03-16

Business Process Testing

HP BPT accelerates the move to Component Based Testing: an integrated approach to creating a repository of reusable test modules that allow for changes to be made once then propagated across your distributed agile teams to all impacted tests. 

  • HP BPT
Post date: 14-03-04


TOSCA takes its roots in Object Oriented Modelling, employing concepts such as separation of concerns and encapsulation. In TOSCA, you can create classes, attributes and instances (objects). This modular breakdown makes the understanding and management of the actual requirements fairly simple; without going into how the final system under test would look like. I find this a very cool thing; although it took me some time to understand the concept in relation to the current bombardment of the existing Test Frameworks and Tools.

Post date: 14-02-26

Tosca Reviews

Read Tosca reviews inside, pros & cons.

Post date: 14-02-26

FitNium on Agile

While Unit Tests focuses more on the design of the code and the functional correctness on a unit level (as in: per class) and Functional tests focus more on the UI and flow of pages, Fitnesse fills the gap between those areas. Fitnesse focuses on the correct behaviour of Business Logic. Fitnesse does this without the need for a UI, but it focus is much wider than a single unit of work.

Post date: 14-02-26

Software Quality Assurance means Performance

 What are the key elements I expect in a desired Load Testing Tool?

  1. Reliable: It should truly activate the thing/transactions/user scenario it is intended for, even when trying to do so, with large amount of virtual users.
  2. Reporting: Clear, with Images and Graphs that show you exactly what was done and happened within the running period. Good reporting will lead to Good Decision

The solutions that can be found in the market today, range from opensource to commercial / in-house installations and on-cloud. Even payment methods have changed a lot, and keep evolving on a daily basis.

Apploader Screenshots

  • ScenarioBuilder by NRG-Global
Post date: 13-11-04




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Novosync Mobili .. NRG Global NTT Resonant OC Systems Odin Technology OpCord
Oracle Orcanos Original Softwa .. Ossia Conseil OW2 PANAYA
Parasoft PassMark Patterson Consu .. Perfecto Mobile Pivotal Labs Plutora
Polarion Postman (API To .. PractiTest PrimaTest Process One Programming Res ..
Psoda PureLoad PushToTest Python Q-Assurance QA Systems
QACube QASymphony QAWorks QMetry Quali QualiTest
Qualitia Softwa .. Quality First S .. Quotium RadView Softwar .. Ranorex RedLine13
Reflective Solu .. ReQtest RevDeBug Robotium Tech Rogue Wave Soft .. Rommana Softwar ..
RTTS ruby-doc.org Runscope Sandklef GNU La .. Sauce Labs Seapine Softwar ..
SeleniumHQ Sencha Sensiple SmartBear Softw .. SmarteSoft SOASTA
SoftLogica Softomotive Softsmith SolutionSoft Sy .. SonarSource Sourceforge
SqashTeam SQS Software Qu .. Square Stimulus Techno .. Swifting AB Synopsys
T-komp T-Plan TechExcel TechTalk Telerik By Prog .. Tellurium
Test Collab Test Goat Test Recon TestCaseLab testCloud.de Gm .. Testenium
Testim.io Testing Technol .. TestingBot TestLodge Testmunk TestObject GmbH
TestOptimal TestPlant TestPro Testuff The Core Bankin .. The MathWorks
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Verit VersionOne Viewlike.us Vornex Inc. Watir.com WcfStorm Soluti ..
We Are Mammoth Web Performance .. Wikidi Wintask Wireshark Found .. Worksoft
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