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Articles and Reviews on Testing Tools

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Scriptless automation – Worksoft Certify

The only action that users take when creating automation in Worksoft is to identify the fields used to enter data or user actions, e.g., a checkbox. Note that this is not like the mainstream record and playback technology. The result of such ‘recording’ is a set of steps. Each step has a ‘narrative’. [for example: Input the value ‘OR’ into the order type CtextField]. Note that this is presented in language which can be understood by a non-technical business user.

Post date: 16-02-24

Non Functional Testing

Non-functional testing is the testing of a software application or system for its non-functional requirements: the way a system operates, rather than specific behaviors of that system.
This is contrast to functional testing, which tests against functional requirements that describe the functions of a system and its components.
The names of many non-functional tests are often used interchangeably because of the overlap in scope between various non-functional requirements. For example, software performance is a broad term that includes many specific requirements like reliability and scalability.

Non-functional testing includes: Baseline testing, Compliance testing, Documentation testing, Endurance testing, Load testing, Localization testing and Internationalization testing, Performance testing, Recovery testing, Resilience testing, Security testing, Scalability testing, Stress testing, Usability testing, Volume testing.

Post date: 16-02-21

What are Differences between Source Code Analysis vs Static Application Security Testing(SAST)?

Source code analysis tools are designed to analyze source code and/or compiled version of code in order to help find security flaws. Ideally, such tools would automatically find security flaws with such a high degree of confidence that what's found is indeed a flaw. However, this is beyond the state of the art for many types of application security flaws. Thus, such tools frequently serve as aids for an analyst to help them zero in on security relevant portions of code so they can find flaws more efficiently, rather than a tool that just automatically finds flaws.

Some tools are starting to move into the IDE. For the types of problems that can be detected during the software development phase itself, this is a powerful phase within the development life cycle to employ such tools, as it provides immediate feedback to the developer on issues they might be introducing into the code during code development itself. This immediate feedback is very useful, especially when compared to finding vulnerabilities much later in the development cycle.

Post date: 16-02-20

Agile Designer Review: The Requirements Gap

It’s really quite neat. On the surface it looks pretty much like Visio, in the sense that you build a flow diagram of the process to be developed. However, Agile Designer goes considerably further. Firstly, once the process flow has been defined, you can automatically generate all the paths through the tree, whether these are successful or failed paths. Next, you can generate test cases for each of these paths.

Post date: 16-02-12

Security Testing on Web Applications

When doing functional testing, you are trying to prove that a feature works for an end-user – it does what they expect, and does not hinder them from completing their tasks.
On functional testing you are focusing on features which are used more often, used by more users or considered to be most important but On security testing, your ‘end-user’ is now an attacker trying to break the application.
The goal of your testing is to prove that a specific attack scenario does not succeed, for any attack scenario. A significant difficulty here is that proving that a feature works is much easier than proving that a specific feature cannot be hacked by any method.
You cannot obtain the 'most likely' scenario since the potential attacker will anything they like to perform a successful attack

Post date: 16-02-04

Some people think regression testing isn't necessary. They're wrong

Firstly, it is absolutely necessary to regression test those areas of the application that are not being changed. Just because the code isn’t changing, it doesn’t mean that a change elsewhere is not going to impact it. Of course, a proper impact analysis of a change should highlight other areas of the application that may be affected. However, as we all know, things get missed and the first time you know about it is when something goes wrong in production and impacts your ability to do business.

Post date: 16-02-01

How To Plan Test Case Automation with Development

The goal of this post is to show a possible way of organizing automation based on the development plan in order to automate tests as soon as possible, without losing sight of manual testing. The functionalities to be automated will have to be already tested manually prior to beginning.

Post date: 16-01-27

External and Internal Penetration Testing

penetration test, or a pentest, is a simulation of a hacker attack on a network, system, application or website. It is used to discover existing vulnerabilities and weaknesses before hackers find and exploit them.

Post date: 16-01-25

The Testing Swing

Over the past few years, my team has moved from waterfall process to agile and now DevOps.

For organizations deploying new software in production several times a day, one of the most challenging transformation issue is the need to revolutionize testing. In an era of continuous deployment and updates, there’s no time to have QA teams identify a problem and kick it back to the developers. So times are gone when you were testing you app after the development and before going in production.

Post date: 16-01-21


Business users need to know what exist in the data warehouse, the following objectives are-

  • How to examine the contents using analysis tools.
  • How to present the results of such analysis.
  • Prepared tool -Time Performance Analyzer (TPA).
  • Testing Time Performance Analyzer (TPA) tool.
Post date: 16-01-07


How to time comparing the contents using Time Performance Analyzer tool? Figure of data warehouse can be characterized as those where architecture for the database and piece of information as table and figure, and data definition and manipulation are represented by figure and table oriented operations.
One of the motivations towards this paper is to provide a less time taking mechanism to measure the effectiveness of figure’s comparison operations.

Post date: 16-01-07

Time Performance Analyzer Tool: Hypothetical Testing Approach

In the present scenario, a company has multiple departments of data warehouses. Data warehouse stores all information of each product. Searching and comparing the records of any organization is a very difficult task and time taking process if a warehouse is too long as, in the database, this process consumes excessive computing process. In this paper, our proposed approach using Time Performance analyzer Tool to designing and compare their data warehouse’ contents based on time. This tool is helped to design, analyze and compares multiple databases in the respect of different records and time-consuming process. For, this we have a hypothesis, fifteen tables as a sample size and performed t-test in a particular region.

Our tool will help to increase the productivity, efficiency and reduces access time of multiple data warehouses.

Post date: 16-01-07

Testuff Test Management

Post date: 16-01-05

Handling Exceptions in Selenium

Exceptions in Selenium are: NoSuchElementException,  StaleElementReferenceException, TimeoutException, ElementNotVisibleException, ElementNotSelectableException

read inside more on how to use this exceptions, please comment or send me your question

Post date: 16-01-04

eggPlant Performance vs. Apache JMeter

Not only do you have to download a large number of plugins before you even get started, you introduce a dependency with each one you choose to use. And who is responsible for each of these plugins? It may as well be nobody. There is no guarantee that the original author is in any way committed to maintaining the plugin, let alone providing quality documentation or some means of contact if there is ever any issue with it. You don’t want to find half your plugins break each time you choose to upgrade JMeter (which, incidentally, is JMeter’s #1 Best Practice suggestion).

Post date: 16-01-04

Performance Testing - Types and Tools

QA plan performance tests, in most cases they mean type of Load Testing, but this is not the only option, here is few samples of testing types that can be generated in order to get the performance analyzing, that our application needs.

BTW, did you know that Stress testing (sometimes called torture testing) is a form of deliberately intense or thorough testing used to determine the stability of a given system or entity...

Post date: 16-01-03

Integrate Cucumber with Jenkins

Why do we need BDD, Highest advantage that it improves communication between Developers, Testers and the product owners and over a period of time we end up having a large suite of tests that need to be run very often.

To have tests running regularly, it is key that we integrate test suite execution with our CI tool chain.

Post date: 16-01-01

Model Based Testing

Model Based Testing or MBT, is a testing flow and design. Models can be used to represent the desired behavior of a System Under Test (SUT), or to represent testing strategies and a test environment.

A model describing a SUT is usually an abstract, partial presentation of the SUT's desired behavior. Test cases derived from such a model are functional tests on the same level of abstraction as the model.

review lists of current MBT tools on site and other known.

Post date: 15-12-27

Enterprise Tester 6.1

Post date: 15-12-23

Automate Mobile native application

Run the program and enjoy the native test automation.

This is just a small program just to make sure everything is up and running.

I took very basic application to automate Native application using Appium but you can take any application and perform the same step.

In next article I will cover how you can perform other activity on application using xpath and other ways.

If you liked this article then please share with your friends or team.

Post date: 15-12-22

Selenium and Protractor

If you peek inside Protractor you’ll see the good old Selenium Web Driver (aka WebDriverJS aka selenium WebDriver).

Protractor is essentially a wrapper for the JavaScript Selenium WebDriver. Therefore – you get all the capabilities of the WebDriver – along with a number of very useful additions.

There is a lot of benefits on using Protractor for your JavaScript tests especially if you are using AngularJS for your website, so instead of using Selenium WebDriver directly use protractor, even if still didn't started to implement tests against AngularJS. 

Post date: 15-12-13

Diving into Protractor

The first version of Protractor was released in July, 2013, when the framework was basically a prototype of a testing framework.
However, Google, with the support of the testing community, is evolving the framework to follow the evolution of AngularJS and to meet the needs of the community that is using AngularJS.

Post date: 15-12-13

Protractor vs. Karma

would I want to run Protractor with Karma? I surely can run them in separate terminal windows, in parallel. I could, in principle, have them share test files if I need to, but normally I'd rather not. Why? Because I want to keep my tests small with single dedicated purpose.

The only exception would be a file defining testing macros useful for both runners. This, however, would not be a test file but a macro definition file.

Other than that, I like a clear separation between my tests. Those to be run frequently and fast, and those for the complete app.
That makes a clear separation between when using Karma and when using Protractor.

Post date: 15-12-13

Testing with Protractor

Why to use Protractor to test AngularJS ?

  • Protractor is an end-to-end testing framework for AngularJS applications and works as a solution integrator - combining powerful tools and technologies such as NodeJS, Selenium, webDriver, Jasmine, Cucumber and Mocha.
  • It has a bunch of customizations from Selenium to easily create tests for AngularJS applications.
  • Protractor also speeds up your testing as it avoids the need for a lot of “sleeps” and “waits” in your tests, as it optimizes sleep and wait times.

One of the reasons AngularJS is so great to work with is that it was developed around the idea that testing is so important that it should be built into the framework. Every check-in of the Angular source is tested before it’s accepted into the core.

As bugs in our code, or any code, are inevitable, it’s important for us to be able to determine where they are and try to eliminate them before they show up in production. Using testing, we can isolate these pieces of functionality in a test environment where we can understand our app from the inside out.

Post date: 15-12-09

WebDriver vs Select2

Nowadays it's quite popular to use Select2 control instead of a common one. Second version has some cool features like filtering, tagging, themes support, etc. On the other hand, sometimes it's quite hard to automate interaction with such controls due to their dynamic nature.

Post date: 15-12-06

Video Your Selenium Tests

You can use screenshots for your Selenium tests and take them when you have test failure, but this mechanism has its own limitations, it’s hard to understand what exactly happen just before the test-failure.

This article, will present an option of having a video recording of each run

Post date: 15-12-06

Making Selenium to Work on IE

It seems that Selenium and IE are not really targeted to work together, some reliability issues, some synchronization issues, some performance issues, making the effort much higher than working with other browsers, maybe it is best is not to use them together, but in some occasions it is not a matter of choice, and you must make it work.
Here are some tricks that can help you solve this riddle and give you a safe passage to good automation frameworks.   

Post date: 15-11-28




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